Our physiotherapists are trained to assess abnormal foot and lower extremity biomechanics which can be corrected by a custom foot orthotic. We use Paris Orthotics because they provide an excellent product and have great customer service.

Do you have....

"low arches, flat feet, pronated feet" - poor biomechanical position which can lead to multiple injuries/strains.

heel pain, bone spurs, Plantar Fascitis - sharp pain in the heel or achiness in the foot, pain in the morning with your first few steps.

bunions, Hallux Valgus - deformity of the great toe from flat feet or wearing poor fitting shoes.

pain "in the ball of the foot", Metarsalgia - pain in the area just before the toes, "ball of the foot"

They also help to maintain the proper position of the foot which allows your lower extremity to function more efficiently and aides in propulsion with activities.

Getting Fit For Orthotics:

(As of January 1, 2013 Paris Orthotics will no longer be providing custom sandals)

  1. Lower extremity assessment by a licensed Physiotherapist.

  2. Casted in plaster of paris.

  3. Order specific orthotic for your requirements.

  4. Send casts to Paris Orthotics.

  5. 2-3 weeks receive your custom orthotic.

Ask about our custom orthotic golf shoes.