Personal Training

Our programs will help you get moving and stay active. No matter your goals or skill level, we can develop a program just for you. If you have aches and pains, we can work around them and get you feeling healthier and moving better. There are several options, find the best program that suits your lifestyle.

Ness Physiotherapy and Sports Injury Clinic Personal Training 2

Custom Training Programs

A 6 week program will be designed for you specifically to suit your physical fitness level and meet your health goals. Program design is perfect for you if you are self-motivated and have access to space/equipment.


First you will connect via email with our Athletic Therapist for a consult to get a picture of your; goals, skill level, equipment you have access to, health concerns, previous history of injuries as well as likes and dislikes.

From there a 6 week program will be designed for you, followed by an in gym session where you will be taken through each exercise to ensure correct form and adherence to the program.

After the success of the 6 week program, if you want to step it up another 6 weeks, an in gym session will be scheduled for a discounted price of $75.

Ness Physiotherapy and Sports Injury Clinic Training 3

Private 1:1 Training (1HR)

  • 3 Training sessions: $165 ($55/session)

  • 5 Training sessions: $250 ($50/session)

  • 10 Training sessions: $450 ($45/session)

Private training is for you if you need that extra motivation and push to get active and stay active. Schedule sessions 1-3x/week and be one on one with our Athletic Therapist. You will be cued on correct form and given workouts designed for you personally and your goals.

Semi-Private 2:1 Training (1HR)

  • 3 Training sessions: $110/per person ($36/session)

  • 5 Training Sessions: $160/per person ($32/session)

  • 10 Training Sessions: $300/per person ($30/session)

Semi-Private training is for you if you need motivation, and want to save on costs. The sessions are 2:1, so find a friend and sign up! Partner workouts are a great way to share the fun and create a light atmosphere. You and your partner do not have to be the same fitness/skill level, individual programs will be made to suit your individual needs and goals.