Are you running a marathon?

Are you running a marathon?

Check out these tips for running a marathon.

Tips for running a marathon:

  1. Three months is the optimal period for training for your run. Whether it be a full or half marathon, your body needs to be overloaded and adapt slowly to avoid injury. A good pace is increasing your runs by 10% every week.

  2. Schedule your long run days when you have a little extra time for yourself ie: saturdays and sundays.

  3. The starting point for these training programs would include being able to run two miles at your current physical state.

  4. By week three and four you should start working on pace and speed, on your shorter runs at a higher tempo than previous weeks or run at an interval type style to help overload and adapt.

  5. It is important to have strength/stretching/mobility days and even more important to have a rest day throughout the week. Check out the post below to see the 12 week calendar for training for a half and full marathon.

  6. Further facts:

    • Footwear - change every 300-400 miles

    • Overtraining - maintain a healthy weight to avoid overloading joints

    • Surfaces - run on soft flat surfaces when possible

    • Hydration - 750 ml for every hour, if you are thirsty you are already dehydrated

    • Apps to track - free apps that are easy to track your miles

    • Music - set yourself up with a good playlist- during your training runs “note” where the struggling points are in your run, plug in motivating songs, talks, podcasts in that time frame.

    • Warm up - dynamic warm up ALWAYS 3-8 minutes before running or physical activity to avoid injury.