Work Reconditioning Programs

Our work reconditioning programs focus on those patients who are unable to return to their full work duties. Typically these are unresolved physical problems following their acute/sub-acute care, de-conditioning, or for those individuals who are required to perform high physical demands upon return to their normal work environment.

Our program is focused primarily on physical exercises with an educational and injury prevention component as well. Depending on the need, the program can vary from everyday to 3 times per week and from 4-6 weeks depending on the requirements

Guarantees Of Our Work Reconditioning Program:

  • Assessments and all objective measurements done by a licensed Physiotherapist and included in our reports

  • Development of an individualized reconditioning program and home program focusing on their specific job demands

  • Implementation of appropriate lumbar/cervical/scapular stabilization exercises

Education regarding:

  • Pain Management

  • Proper lifting biomechanics

  • Correct ergonomic work environment

  • Practical methods to minimize or eliminate injury in their workplace

  • Understanding the nature of their injury.

We provide initial objective test base line measurements and the same upon completion of the program which will be included in modified narrative reports.